Our Story

It is our mission to empower men, through our innovative accessories and tools. 


We aim to make the lives of all men simpler, and easier. We want to help them be the best they can be. Join us on our journey, and help your, fellow mates!


Imagine a world where the lives of all men are simple and easy, all because we have the right tools and accessories to accomplish anything we need to. 


All our products that we sell are meticulously selected and tested and put through there paces before we put our 'Epic' name on it. These products need to solve a problem and help make the lives for all men easier. 


No matter if you're a husband, father, uncle, grandfather, whether you are a cyclist, outdoorsman, adventurer, soldier, businessman, IT legend or even a Tradesman, we want to help empower you to be the best that you can be. We hope our selection of accessories, tools, gadgets help to achieve this. 


The Epic Wallet is not your average wallet.


It has a goal to eliminate the pocket bulge.


The Epic snowflake tool, a 18-in -1 pocket tool, makes it easy to tackle any job as that arise with a handy tool you can carry anywhere.


Let's make Life happen, Together!